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Briefly about the company

Eurobitumen LLC was founded in 2006 and throughout the years has successfully cooperated with over 500 enterprises - the buyers of bitumen products: road bitumen, structural bitumen, roofing bitumen, raw materials for bitumen’s production, EBK, PBV EUROBIT, PBIM, bitumen, bitumen-polymer, bitumen and bitumen-emulsion latex mastic, bitumen primers, sealants and materials for the road construction.

Delivery of petroleum products is carried out by river, sea, railway and own road transport.

Realization is performed both filling product and packed in big bags, intermediate bulk container, drums and small containers.

For the Republic of Kazakhstan deliveries of oil products are carried out via subsidiary company Eurobitumen-Kazakhstan LLC.

In the near abroad – through a subsidiary company Eurobitumen Baltic OU. Eurobitumen recycles the raw material for the production of bitumen (tar) into road bitumen and structural bitumen, roofing bitumen with its further realization to the final consumers.

During the working process great attention is given to increasing the professional level of each employee.

Eurobitumen staff is a united team of like-minded people aiming at high results. In carrying out the deliveries Eurobitumen adheres to a competitive pricing policy and to employing an individual approach to each client.